Approximately 90% of all Atlanta basements will experience water penetrations problems that could have easily been prevented using a sump pump. People tend to underestimate rainwater, but a single inch of rain causes thousands of dollars worth of damages and takes hours to clean up. A sump pump will take up any accumulating water in your house and pump it outside your home thereby preventing flooding and reducing costs in an easy and efficient manner.

Sump Pumps

Benefits of a Sump Pump:

  •  Leads to cleaner and healthier homes
  •  Increases property value
  •  Protects home and furniture from water damage
  •  Controls basement humidity level
  •  Protects foundation by keeping it dry and intacte
  •  Protects against fungus and mold growth by removing moisture
  •  Prevents paint and wall coverings from peeling
  •  Protects metal appliances from rust and corrosion
  •  Helps you keep your mind at ease regardless of weather change

With an optional battery powered backup pump, you can get twice the protection

Sump Pumps

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